Power the Future of Financial Education

Join us in revolutionizing financial literacy through interactive gamification, personalized learning, and empowering young adults to take control of their financial future.

Product Timeline

Q4 22'

Pilot V1 ran at Quinnipiac

Q1 23'

Pilot V2 ran at 3 institutions

Q3 23'

Launching appetizer

Empowering Institutions and Students

Empowering institutions. Transforming lives. Join us in reshaping financial education by collaborating with colleges, universities, and non-profits to deliver our cutting-edge platform to students. Choose from flexible sponsorship options and become a champion of financial literacy.

Option 1: Co-Branded Excellence

Institutions can choose to directly invest in our platform, unlocking the opportunity for co-branding. By integrating ProsperOn as a co-branded solution, institutions not only empower their students with personalized financial education but also strengthen their institutional brand by prominently aligning with our innovative platform.

Option 2: Strategic Sponsorship

Through strategic partnerships with third-party institutions, we secure sponsorship on behalf of educational institutions, enabling them to provide their user base with our platform's valuable financial education resources. This collaborative sponsorship approach ensures students and users receive the benefits of ProsperOn's transformative technology while the sponsoring institution gains brand exposure and recognition.

The Team

Tony Cerce

Chief Executive Officer


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Aidan Rausch

Chief Financial Officer


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Benjamin Weber

Chief Solutions Officer


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Kyle Trusch

Director of Education


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