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Runtime: 30-40 minutes
20+ Colleges/Universities
Dates: March 20 - April 29

What is our pilot program?

ProsperOn is building a platform that leverages simulation, gamification, and personalized storylines to teach students financial decision making. The pilot program is a small scale launch of the product, and allows students to provide impactful feedback to our team, while learning valuable skills.

Life Events

Full Modules (4-6 steps; 2-5 videos)
Life Events are the non negotiable aspects of life such as making money, paying taxes, and more.

Pilot Life Events
1) Get your First Job
2) Build a Budget

Anytime Decisions

Mini Modules (1-2 steps; 1-2 videos)
Decisions you can make anytime throughout the simulation such as going on vacation and getting married.

Pilot Anytime Decisions
1) Manage your Credit Cards
2) Manage your Bank Accounts
3) Move out


Pop Up Decisions (1 step, 0-1 videos)
Scenarios represent random decisions you have to make in life such being asked to dinner or replacing a broken item. These are variables based on the students interests and past decisions.

How it works


Step 1: Sign Up

Sign up your classes in under 5 minutes! Let us know when, where, and how you'd like to run the pilot and we'll take care of the rest!

Step 2: Deliver

Once signed up, we'll send you a confirmation email and detailed "game day" instructions. All you have to do is send our link to your class!

Step 3: Feedback

After your students finish the 30-40 minute pilot, you'll receive an email with a PDF of your class results and a link to a 2 minute professor exit survey.
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Who Qualifies?

The ProsperOn Pilot Program is a small scale launch of our product. Participating classes are limited to the requirements set below. Have any questions? No problem, schedule a 15 minute meeting with our team!
Are you a professor who...
is an advocate for student financial literacy.
works under your Universities School of Business.
has the flexibility to make the ProsperOn Pilot classwork, homework, bonus credit, or a resource this Spring!
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Frequently Asked Questions

If we don't answer your question here, just ask!

Is the Pilot Program the entire product?

No, the pilot consists of 2 modules, 3 anytime decisions, and 3 scenarios.

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Can students use the platform outside of the Pilot Program?

No, we are only launching the product as a Pilot Program so our team can focus on our target seniors in a classroom setting.

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How many careers are offered in the pilot?

We offer 120 different career choices; however, this number will increase once we expand outside of Schools of Business.

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How much does the professor have to do?

Very little! The Pilot Program is very easy to run as a professor. First, sign up to run the program in your class via this link ( Second, send/post a link to your students so they can access the product. Third, receive an email with the results from your class.

We encourage professors to schedule a meeting with our team before signing up for the program. You can do so here...(

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Why should I do this?

The Pilot Program was designed to be a win for everyone involved. Students get exposure to the process of getting a job and budgeting, while being able to contribute feedback to a developing tech product. Professors receive a turnkey solution for financial literacy content, that integrates directly into their class. Finally, our team here at ProsperOn receives accurate feedback on our product and business model.

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Does the pilot cost anything?

No, the Pilot Program is free for both students and professors.

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Does ProsperOn have a data policy?

No, we do not have an official data policy, however, all data collected is kept within the walls of ProsperOn and will only be used for product improvements.

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I didn't receive a confirmation email after signing up, what should I do?

Confirmation emails take 1-3 business days to send. If you still haven't heard back after that time has passed, please call Tony at (774) 256 - 1085 or send him an email at

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