Our Vision Calls for a Brighter Tomorrow

ProsperOn is changing the financial literacy game by providing in-depth education through simulation and gamification

We call it an "Exhibition Game for Life"

Earn Money

The first step in managing money is to make it. Explore hundreds of career paths, investment vehicles, and other sources of income throughout the experience.

Create a Plan

Goal-setting is the name of the game when it comes to planning for your future. With ProsperOn, you'll set goals, and take the necessary steps to accomplish them.

Make Decisions

You'll get to control the narrative of your life, however, just like in the real world, you'll have to make tough decisions based on events out of your control.

Learn the Whole Time

At every decision point along the way we'll be there to teach you what to pay attention to and what the impact might be on your definition of financial success.
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A Financial Literacy Tool Tailored to You

Every individual has a unique definition of financial success. At ProsperOn, our goal is to help students explore their ideals, while learning an actionable framework that drives success in the real world.

Career Paths
Teaching Points

Browse our User Interactions

Students interact with the platform in three distinct ways...

Life Events

The non negotiable events that happen in life such as earning money, paying taxes, retirement, and more.

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Anytime Decisions

The control center of the experience where you can choose to go on vacation, get married, buy a pet, and more.

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The random decisions that come at you in life such as destination wedding invitations, injuries, and more.

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