Our Product Timeline

ProsperOn's journey started with a mission to help people.

April 2021
Post Graduation Life Calculator (PGLC)
After months of meetings, our team determined tackling the "student debt crisis" was both legal and feasible. We rebranded to MediFirst Financial (Medical First Financial) to better serve our nursing audience, and built a tool called the Post Graduation Life Calculator (PGLC). This tool helped high school students looking to go into the medical field understand the burden of their debt.
July 2021
MetaFirst Financial - Advisor Marketplace
Turns out disrupting the student loan industry is both expensive and extraordinarily difficult.

In response, our team pivoted towards the wealth management industry to address inefficiencies with online prospecting. Here came the MetaFirst Advisor Marketplace, a platform that connects financial advisors to clients in need.
September 2018
Education - Beta Test #1

Our team realized a marketplace only works when there is a constant flow of demand for advisors. The problem is most people don't know working with an advisor is an option. When we asked ourselves why, we discovered a lack of financial education and awareness among our peers.

Our focus quickly shifted to providing financial education to freshman in college in order to create a foundation.
November 2019
Education - Beta Test #2
The second version of the experience was guided and students used their real data to create an accurate budget and goals. We ran tests again in 5 different classes at Quinnipiac, capturing an audience of over 100 freshman and sophomore students.
January 2022
ProsperOn - Budgeting Tool
After many deep discussions and a few pros and cons lists, our team decided to pivot for a third time to real time budgeting with an education core. The biggest reason for the change was so we could create an active solution that delivers more real time value.
March 2022
Learn and Earn Budgeting Tool
After consulting our advisors, we discovered an incredible opportunity leveraging blockchain to provide a true learn and earn model. Our coin was called the PRC (personal responsibility coin) and was going to be built over the Algorand blockchain.

Turns out building on a brand new technology is both expensive and extraordinarily difficult.
October 2022
ProsperOn U - Pilot V1
Riding the momentum from our competition run, we decided to start building an MVP version of our 7th product. The build took just under 6 months and we had all hands on deck. We finished at the beginning of October, and launched our first pilot program two weeks later.

The program ran at Quinnipiac University with 150 students in the School of Business. We monetized the pilot by getting sponsored by Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management as we explored a partnership model.

After the completion of the pilot, our results were positive with a 28% increase of understanding per topic covered, and a 84% retention rate overall. 90% of those who finished would have continued if they could.
March 2023
ProsperOn U - Pilot V2
Starting this March, Pilot v2 will be available for testing across New England. This Pilot Program represents our first true simulated experience, and will function the same way as our full scale product.  Click below to learn more!
September 2023
ProsperOn Appetizer Launch
Prior to launching the full financial education platform we are going to launch our appetizer. The appetizer is designed for Freshman in College. This platform will go over college life and provide users to play out what their college experience might look like from a financial perspective.
May 2024
ProsperOn Budget - Continuation Product Launch
By May of 2024, our team aims to have a fully functioning budgeting tool for students who went through our appetizer to adopt and start using to manage their money.
September 2024
ProsperOn U - Full Education Platform
By the start of the collegiate school year in 2024 we will be launching out entire education platform. This platform will have full functionality and will be able to service all career paths in a four year degree.