Say Goodbye to Financial Stress and Anxiety

ProsperOn is on a mission to help every young adult eliminate their financially triggered stress and anxiety

The Average American

Financial literacy is the most important skill for young adults, yet it's the most neglected topic in higher education. As a result...

of adults live paycheck to paycheck
of Americans feel controlled by their finances
of Americans are worried about their financial future
of young adults feel anxious about their financial situation

Our Partners

The Solution

ProsperOn has crafted a solution that takes an entirely new approach to personal finance education...we call it an
"exhibition game for life".



We simulate from graduation to retirement, teaching students the impact of their financial decisions every step of the way.


We help students identify their unique definition of financial success, catering each topic to their specific needs so they have an actionable framework to pursue.


Our non-traditional approach to education allows for higher student engagement and knowledge retention.

Testimonials - Pilot v1

From Oct 24th-Nov 18th, we ran a small scale pilot program at Quinnipiac University. See what our previous students had to say about their experience!
This was super helpful we don’t learn this in everyday courses and its something we NEED to know. I think every major should be doing this
- Quinnipiac University Senior
I actually really enjoyed this simulation and usually I don’t enjoy simulations, but this is one I would want to continue doing. I think it is really helpful to learn about real scenarios since teachers don’t teach this in school
- Quinnipiac University Senior
One of the more enjoyable simulations I’ve done since I’ve been at QU. Simple and easy to understand, and the best part about this was how easy it was to navigate compared to other sims.
- Quinnipiac University Senior

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