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Our Mission

"To eliminate financially trigged stress and anxiety for young adults"

At ProsperOn, we recognize the prevailing issue of financial education being treated as a secondary priority in colleges and universities. This has resulted in a staggering 68% of young adults (aged 18-34) experiencing financial stress and anxiety. The current approach to financial education follows a "one size fits all" model, providing students with a generalized understanding of financial concepts.

We aim to revolutionize this narrative. In today's world, students deserve a tailored education that caters to their specific needs, enabling them to derive maximum benefit from it. At ProsperOn, we prioritize personalized learning experiences. By tailoring our education to each individual user, we empower them to explore diverse life paths that are directly relevant to their circumstances. This approach ensures that every user acquires knowledge and skills that are most applicable to their unique situations.

Our goal is to create an immersive learning environment that goes beyond theoretical concepts. We strive to equip users with actionable frameworks that can be directly implemented in real-life scenarios. By providing this hands-on approach to education, we enable our users to take immediate action and experience the transformative power of their newly acquired financial knowledge.

We believe that financial education should be a practical and empowering journey, equipping individuals with the tools and confidence to navigate their financial lives successfully.

Leadership Team

CEO & Co-Founder
CFO & Co-Founder
CSO & Co-founder
Director of education